Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace interrupted his guest’s attacks on Joe Biden to bring up some important points about the Trump campaign this weekend.

“Despite what you say about the Biden campaign, the fact is it is the Trump campaign that just replaced your campaign manager,” Wallace told Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller. “It’s the Trump campaign that just paused all television advertising for six days to recalibrate.” 

From there, Wallace put up on the screen a series of polling averages that show Trump trailing Biden by wide margins both nationally and in three of the crucial swing states he won in 2016. “How do you turn this around, because at this point, Jason, you’re losing?” the host asked.

Unsurprisingly, Miller dismissed the premise of the question. 

“Well, we think we’re in great shape and well positioned to win this,” Miller said in response. He then falsely stated that in all the states President Trump needs to get to 270 electoral votes “he’s either leading or within the margin of error.” He also cited the outlier Rasmussen poll that has Trump with a 50 percent approval ratings as of this past Friday.

But when he started to attack Fox News’ polling specifically, Wallace stopped him. 

“I think the Fox poll compares very favorably to the Rasmussen  poll in terms of accuracy,” Wallace said. “I knew you were going to attack one poll. As I said the national poll is based on nine polls. The state polls, based on multiple polls as well. Are you really going to blame this—it seems to me that you hurt your credibility if you don’t admit, yeah, we’re losing and we’ve got to turn things around.”

“I disagree,” Miller replied. Undeterred, he insisted, without evidence, that Trump is “in a good position right now.”