Australia: 380 stranded whales have died, rescuers say

Rescuers believe it is the largest number of stranding-related deaths ever recorded in Australia. Around 30 whales beached off the west coast of Tasmania are thought to still be alive.

Around 380 pilot whales stranded on the remote west coast of Tasmaniahave died, rescuers said Wednesday.

At least 30 of the stranded whales are still alive, and 50 have already been rescued, Nic Deka, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service manager, told reporters on Wednesday. 

Around 270 whales became stranded in three locations near Macquarie Harbour on Monday. On Wednesday, another 200 beached whales were spotted by air less than 10 kilometers (6 miles) to the south.

“From the air, they didn’t look to be in a condition that would warrant rescue,” Deka said. “Most of them appeared to be dead.”

Australia’s largest mass-stranding 

Scientists have said the nearly 500 beached whales in Tasmania this week represents the largest mass-stranding ever recorded in Australia.

wmr/rt (AP. dpa, AFP)


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