Sitting all day isn’t doing your back any favors. And while each of us has a unique physique with personal preferences and goals to stay healthy (and limber), it’s important to do something to counteract bad posture, especially now. So first of all, are you sitting up straight? You probably are now. But there are many products out there that either help you stay in good posture or support your back so you don’t have to worry about it. We found some of the best lumbar support pillows and back support belts on Amazon to get you started on fixing up (or keeping up) your back.

Purple Back Cushion

Purple makes my favorite seat cushion and pairing it with this back cushion is the power duo I never knew I needed in my life. It uses the same Purple Grid technology as the Purple mattresses to support your lower back, while maintaining breathability all the while.

Posture Corrector

This is the no.1 best-selling back brace on Amazon. The brace works for you whether you’re at the gym, at home moving furniture, at work hunched over your desk, and so on. More than 4,500 reviewers left it a 4.5-star average rating and it’s designed to disappear under clothing so you can sit straight in secret.

Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion with 3D Mesh Cover

This best-selling pillow comes in eight different colors (and runs up to $31). Two adjustable straps allow you to perfectly fit the pillow for your preferred sitting style and whatever chair you’re in. And on top of that, more than 3,400 reviewers left it a 4.3-star average rating.

McKenzie Lumbar Roll

This rolled up pillow attaches easily to any chair you put it on, whether it’s your office chair or car chair or anything in between. It really targets and isolates the lower back too, helping you sit up straight all day long.

Large Pillow for Back Lumbar Support

With a removable and breathable black mesh cover over it, the 100% memory foam pillow is perfect for your car, your office desk, your wheelchair, and so on. It’s designed to fit on any chair so don’t worry about matching models here. And with a 4.4-star average rating from nearly 250 reviewers, you can rest assured and sit back comfortably.

Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back Brace with Removable Pad

The kicker in this back brace is the removable lumbar pad. It’s in there to help compress and cushion your lower back but you can pull it out for slightly more freedom in movement. That makes the Mueller 255 a versatile back brace you can keep around for myriad reasons.

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