You Can’t Help Your Genes, but These 4 Products May Help Fight Genetic Under-Eye Circles

If you have chronic darkness in the under-eye area, you’re probably told “You look tired!” on a regular basis. Well-intended though it may be, how do you respond when you know that sleep isn’t the solution? Plenty of beauty guides offer solutions for puffiness, bags, and even hyperpigmentation. But for those of us with deep tear troughs and tissue-thin skin, the common refrain tends to be “find yourself a good concealer.” A good concealer is part of the routine, but it’s a myth that there’s no way to treat this subocular, suboptimal condition, save for injections and implants. These four products may not make your under-eye circles disappear completely, but use them diligently and you’ll notice improvements you never thought were possible. 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Multi-Use Concealer

This has been an extremely popular under-eye concealer for so long because of one reason: it works. The plush applicator and smooth formula will neutralize the look of dark circles.

BrightJungle Under Eye Collagen Patch

The 24k gold eye masks can help reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and under-eye puffiness. The formula is packed with hyaluronic acid and collagen to moisturize and soothe.

Baebody Eye Gel

Trend-watchers took note of a brand called “Baebody” about a year ago, once it had become the “#1 Best Selling Eye Gel on the Internet” thanks to thousands of rave reviews on Amazon. The hype is deserved — this product yields noticeable results and should be the foundation of any dark-circle-fighting crusade. A collagen-boosting peptide complex gets to work upon application, producing a satisfying tingle. It dries quickly and won’t reject any makeup you apply after. In the evening, go ahead and spread it all over your face, too. It reduces fine lines and works its under-eye, skin-thickening magic overnight. No matter how you sleep, you’ll wake up looking fresh.

OLEHENRICKSEN Banana Bright Eye Cream

Packed in a tiny bottle, this eye cream is perfect for traveling, when a bulky jar of Baebody is impractical. On camping trips or other jaunts where makeup won’t be top priority, it’s your best friend and secret weapon. In addition to being a vitamin C-infused and collagen-boosting skin cream, it’s also a featherweight neutralizer. The banana powder that gives the product its name and hue offsets darkness with a dose of light-reflecting shimmer. You’re not technically wearing any makeup, but you’re still reaping the brightening benefits.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

There’s no reason to stop at the eyes when applying this broad spectrum beauty staple to your face (just be careful not to get it in them). For lighter skin tones, the subtle orange tint mutes purple and blue tones. If you can’t bear the idea of going out in public without some coverage, take a one-and-done approach with BB cream for a natural-looking, even finish.

BARESKIN Complete Coverage Serum Concealer

Where to begin with concealers? Try BARESKIN, which acts as more than a daily Band-Aid for genetic under-eye problems. As a concealer, it glides on ultra-light but hyperpigmented, overpowering even the deepest of dusky shades. As a serum, it’s moisturizing and anti-aging. As both, it’s a champion product with powerful cosmetic effects and long-term benefits. 

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