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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the Real Reason GOP ‘Can’t Wait’ to Replace RBG

After taking the summer off and hosting the virtual Emmy Awards on Sunday, Jimmy Kimmel is back in his Hollywood theater this week. And the late-night host has a theory about why the Republican Party is so eager to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the 2020 election.

Kimmel began his monologue on Tuesday by recognizing National Voter Registration Day. “If you don’t register, you can’t vote,” he told viewers. “And if you don’t vote, you won’t get a sticker. And also, there’s a psychotic individual in the White House who could use some removing right now.”

“It’s hard to believe that we are only 42 days away from Donald Trump refusing to accept the results of the election,” he added, before turning to the “other vote that could happen very soon” in t...

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Jorge Zuñiga Blanco discusses the role artificial intelligence has in better accounting

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a standard phrase of late, and it is hard to separate the exposure from viable prospects that AI has built on a solid principle.  Basically, AI is one of the most excellent thoughts in structure creation and dynamic, and the proportion of examination and responsibility with client interactions have progressed into self-evident, usable procedures and advances that are changing how individuals make decisions, while taking out the risk of human error. Jorge Zuñiga, a successful entrepreneur and eCommerce specialist, offers information into how this headway is changing the accounting space.

The development of AI and its blend into different kinds of tech and solutions doesn’t mean it’s an original thought...

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No, Beer Sales Aren’t Booming

Since last March there hasn’t been much good news to celebrate, so I can understand why many people have been happily trumpeting the success of brewers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The only problem with that story is that it’s just not true. Believe me, I’d love for the drinks industry to be booming, except, sadly, it’s not.

Think about it: how can beer sales be up when almost every place that sells beer by the pint is closed or only running at 25 percent capacity? No packed bars. No packed stadiums. No packed concert arenas. No packed race tracks. Given all the challenges of 2020, it boggles the mind that people could believe that somehow brands were raking it in or even doing OK.

To understand why this myth persists, it helps to realize that the beer business has two main p...

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Ann Marie Puig offers tips to develop the best negotiating strategies in sales

Where it truly matters, everybody, generally, envisions the best result for themselves.  They can’t battle the impulse to consider what’s in their own special force to roll out an improvement.  In any case, to change into a really incredible negotiator, you need to understand how to set aside unadulterated cockiness.  In such a case, that all you care about is serving yourself, you’ll blow the course of action before you begin.  Ann Marie Puig is a long-time entrepreneur and philanthropist from Costa Rica, and offers negotiation methodologies that are shown to achieve more significant results.

Negotiations are a sensitive issue, paying little heed to the circumstance...

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Trump Expands Ban on Racial Bias Trainings and ‘Sex Scapegoating’ to Federal Contractors

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he is prohibiting government contractors and grantees from offering racial sensitivity and diversity training to employees.

In a series of tweets, Trump wrote, “A few weeks ago, I BANNED efforts to indoctrinate government employees with divisive and harmful sex and race-based ideologies. Today, I’ve expanded that ban to people and companies that do business…with our Country, the United States Military, Government Contractors, and Grantees. Americans should be taught to take PRIDE in our Great Country, and if you don’t, there’s nothing in it for you!”

Russell Vought, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, confirmed that the president had signed the executive order...

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Fungal Disease Awareness Week and Protecting At-Risk Residents of Puerto Rico

Yesterday marked the beginning of Fungal Disease Awareness Week. The week of recognition, designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), was created to highlight the importance of recognizing serious fungal diseases. It is also meant to raise awareness that some fungal diseases currently go undiagnosed in Puerto Rico and across the rest of the United States, leading to serious illnesses and even deaths.
While fungi are a natural part of the environment, there are some species that are known to cause infections in humans. Even though most people exposed to these do not become sick, for anyone with a weakened or suppressed immune system they could cause to a dangerous infection.
A research paper published several years ago by the National Center for Biotechnology Info...

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Florida Teacher’s Aide and Paramedic Brother Die of COVID-19 in Same Weekend

Co-workers say Shyla Pennington, a longtime Florida teacher’s aide, was a natural with her students—patient, kind, and committed to each child as if they were her own.

Pennington, who worked for almost 20 years in the Volusia County School District, lived with her brother, Gerald Jones, a paramedic whom community members described as “selfless” and “devoted” to protecting other people. This weekend, both died of COVID-19.

The progression of the disease—slow, then devastatingly fast—played out on the Facebook page of their father, Greg Jones.

“Our daughter Shyla Pennington is now with God, she lost her battle with COVID-19,” Jones wrote on Saturday. Then, the next day: “Our son Gerald is still fighting this mess so please keep him in your prayers...

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Book Review Publications Give Author Kourosh Naziri’s Book “A Journey to Ultra Dimensions” Mixed Reviews and Praise

“A Journey to Ultra Dimensions” is a science fiction adventure story between Captain Houshmand and the Xinterrians and Meh-jazians. The story begins with Captain Houshmand’s fiancée, Delaram, being kidnapped by the Xinterrian leader, Zieman Kahn. Captain Houshmand will need to rescue Delaram and save planet Earth from the Xinterra and Meh-jazian invasion. On his way back to Earth after he learned about the kidnapping, Houshmand ended up in a different dimension that resembled Earth. General Sherner, the leader of the Ultra Dimension station, explains to Houshmand why he is there. Houshmand, who possess special qualities, that must right a wrong from the past. Houshmand returns back to Earth equipped with some great advice from General Sherner. An epic battle will ensue...

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Your Guide to All of Uniqlo’s HEATTECH Clothing

Years ago, a Uniqlo opened at my local mall and it immediately became a store I frequented. The elevated basics, with unique silhouettes and interesting collaborations made Uniqlo feel like an affordable oasis for fashionable staples. One of these staples is the brand’s HEATTECH line. The East Coast is unpredictable during the winter months, which means always having different kinds of layering options on hand. Thankfully, Uniqlo has three different levels of HEATTECH that can help with even the most blustery of days.

Made from a blend of polyester, acrylic, rayon, and spandex, HEATTECH is designed to fit seamlessly into your wardrobe (it’s machine-washable!). I invested in a pair of HEATTECH leggings to wear during NYC winters and I’ll never look back...

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International sting on darknet drug trafficking networks

An international operation by US and European police agencies has led to the arrests of more than 170 suspected online criminals. Law enforcement says the “golden age” of anonymous internet crime is over.

The European police agency Europol and the US Department of Justice (USDOJ) on Tuesday announced that international law enforcement agents had carried out 179 search warrants and arrested more than 170 suspects in a coordinated operation targeting “vendors and buyers of illicit goods on the dark web.” 

The operation, codenamed DisrupTor, netted some $6.5 million (€5.5 million) in cash and virtual currency, as well as weapons and 500 kilos of drugs — such as cocaine, fentanyl, heroin, oxycodone and methamphetamine.  

Across Europe, 42 arrests were made in Germany, eight in the Neth...

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