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Acella Has Stood for Innovative and Durable Surfaces for 125 Years

The Continental technology company looks back on a long tradition and, at the same time, opens up new opportunities for automotive interiors of the future: The success story of Acella, the company’s most famous surface brand, began as far back as 125 years ago. Today, the material is a prime example of innovative and long-lasting surface solutions for vehicle interiors.

“Acella is one of our most important brands,” says Dr. Dirk Leiß, head of the surfaces business unit at Continental. “The large and continuously growing product family is part of our core business.” Our innovations in mobility concepts of the future are evidence of this.

Environmentally friendly and trendsetting

The latest development, the translucent Acella Hylite concept, points the way to the future of the...

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Putin’s Troll Farm Busted Running Sprawling Network of Facebook Pages

Facebook booted three troll networks linked to Russian intelligence and the St. Petersburg-based troll farm involved in meddling in the 2016 election.

Nathan Gleicher, Facebook’s head of security, told reporters in a press conference that the three networks mainly focused on audiences and issues outside of the U.S. presidential election but that the company had suspended them now out of an abundance of caution because they “could pivot to support a hack-and-leak operation” in the future.

While Facebook hasn’t seen any evidence that Russia’s intelligence services planned to use the suspended networks to amplify hacked content in a hack-and-leak operation, the potential remained an “important risk we should all be watching for in the weeks to come,” according to Gleicher.


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Coronavirus: China, US trade blame at UN meeting over pandemic

The two world powers clashed over accusations of mishandling the pandemic, with both sides trading sharp jabs. “You have created enough troubles for the world already,” said China’s UN ambassador.

The US and China clashed during a virtual United Nations meeting Thurday over their responses to the coronavirus pandemic.

The remarks from both parties came just after the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres spoke about the lack of international cooperation to stem the threat of COVID-19. 

Two days earlier, US President Donald Trump had used his address to demand action against China for spreading the “plague” to the world.

Deepening divide

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, at the end of a digital meeting with UN Security Council members on “Post COVID-19 Global Governance,” alluded that ...

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Scientists discover genetic and immunologic underpinnings of some cases of severe COVID-19


New findings by scientists at the National Institutes of Health and their collaborators help explain why some people with COVID-19 develop severe disease. The findings also may provide the first molecular explanation for why more men than women die from COVID-19.

The researchers found that more than 10% of people who develop severe COVID-19 have misguided antibodies―autoantibodies―that attack the immune system rather than the virus that causes the disease. Another 3.5% or more of people who develop severe COVID-19 carry a specific kind of genetic mutation that impacts immunity. Consequently, both groups lack effective immune responses that depend on type I interferon, a set of 17 proteins crucial for protecting cells and the body from viruses...

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New York City Is Going Back to Class—and Schools Are Already Shutting Down

For several months last spring, New York City was the U.S. epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic: Hospitals were overwhelmed by patients, a makeshift morgue was erected in Manhattan, and residents feared to leave the safety of their homes.

But after a months-long lockdown, New York gained the upper hand on the virus, and since then, the city’s number of COVID-19 cases has remained low, even as other states continue to grapple with troubling outbreaks.

As a result, America’s largest city opened schools for in-person classes on Sept. 21—but the phased reopening has been anything but smooth. By the end of the school day, more than 100 early childhood centers and school buildings across the city have each reported at least one case of COVID-19...

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God is the Source of All Blessings

Individual states of mind can often influence the outcome of other circumstances; it is the determining factor in whether a pleasant situation is going to occur or a stressful one. For much of the Christian belief version, it is said that God would challenge his disciples with rough times to see them develop.

In “A Godly Understanding of the Law of Attraction,” author Barissa Rodgers sheds light on readers how to use their observations to gain more insight into changing their lives. This reveals how the “Rule of Attraction” is present in people’s daily lives. This also shows its readers how to cope with tricky times. It is also a book based on Barissa Rodgers’ own involvement with God and how to understand the law of attraction.

“And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that ...

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Seth Meyers Rips Democrats for Failing to Stop Trump’s Election Threats

President Donald Trump has now explicitly stated that he may not accept the outcome of a presidential election that he does not win and Seth Meyers doesn’t understand why Democrats aren’t doing more to stop him.

“The president last night refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, effectively threatening violence unless ballots are thrown out and he’s allowed to stay in office,” the Late Night host said before playing the clip of Trump telling reporters just that this week.

“Our democracy hasn’t been healthy in a long time, but now it’s in a death spiral,” he added...

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EU migration policy: Eastern European leaders get tough on new plans

Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Poland’s Mateusz Morawiecki and the Czech Republic’s Andrej Babis shot down the EU’s planned migration reform ahead of scheduled talks. The Visegrad group rejects asylum seeker quotas.

The prime ministers of Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic expressed their unanimous disapproval of the EU Commission’s migration plan after meeting with EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday.

The meeting with three of the heads of the so-called Visegrad group, which also includes Slovakia, took place as EU members states prepare to discuss a common migration policy next week.

All three conveyed their skepticism of the planned reforms in a joint press conference.

Read more: Opinion: EU migration pact is victory for the nationalists

The proposal is ‘unacceptable’


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DSV’s Air Charter Network expands cargo air bridge between Europe and Asia

DSV’s Air Charter Network keeps growing. Only two months after the latest addition of routes and extra capacity, DSV now adds an additional two 747 freighters to its Europe-Asia cargo air bridge.

From October 2020, one of the freighters will be operating on the existing route between Shanghai and Luxembourg – thereby creating as many as three scheduled departures per week and a total inbound capacity of up to 1,000 tons a month to and from Shanghai.

The second 747 freighter will be operating a new and direct connection between Hong Kong and Luxembourg. The new route will have a monthly inbound capacity of 400 tonnes.

Mads Ravn, Head of Global Air Freight Procurement at DSV, explains:

“The DSV Air Charter Network has provided stability to our customers, and with the latest addition t...

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Tucker Carlson Argues That Breonna Taylor and George Floyd Had It Coming

Fox News host Tucker Carlson ramped up his inflammatory rhetoric on Thursday night when he essentially argued that Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Jacob Blake were to blame for their deaths and injuries from police, going so far as to tie Taylor to drug trafficking to make his case.

On the same day that a federal judge agreed with Fox News lawyers that Carlson’s program should not be taken seriously as news or information, the primetime conservative star insisted that “every story we’ve been told” recently about police brutality against African Americans “has been at its core a lie.”

Floyd’s death at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers in late-May—the impetus for recent calls to address the racial disparity in policing—had nothing to do with a cop kneeling on Floy...

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