Believe It or Not: I Actually Want to Wear This Apron

Cooking more means one thing: more dirty clothes. I’m not exactly a messy cooker or messy eater—things just ha

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Cooking more means one thing: more dirty clothes. I’m not exactly a messy cooker or messy eater—things just happen. I feel like most of these incidents happen when I’m baking; flour is a nemesis of mine for sure. But that doesn’t mean cooking isn’t just as bad, if not more treacherous (see: tomato sauce). Now, aprons themselves aren’t new but this one from Hedley & Bennett feels like something you’d see in a Michelin star restaurant — and that’s just the start.

The Hedley & Bennett Denver Crossback is my absolute favorite apron, mainly because I don’t feel like it really is an apron It’s more of a cooking accessory, really. I think aprons get a bad rap — they are mostly known to be somewhat silly looking, protective devices that once on, force you to countdown until you can take it off. But not this one. This one is cool. It is made out of Duck Canvas and designed with the outdoors in mind. It has three pen pockets up top so you can look real professional, and two pockets near your pants which is a must for me: aprons without pockets are frustrating. But what’s so cool about it most of all, is that it doesn’t totally suck to wear it. Because it distributes weight down your shoulders and on your back instead of simply pulling at your neck, you can actually wear it for extended periods of time.

Now, I look forward to putting on my apron before I cook. It’s actually become a nice ritual, especially now. It really helps me get into the chef mindset before I cook dinner or roll out pastry dough, and makes cooking that much more enjoyable and worry-free. 

Denver Crossback

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