RavenPack Enters Data Visualization Space with New Interactive Tools by ChartIQ -

RavenPack, a leading big data analytics provider, has partnered with Cosaic, a leader in the field of interact

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RavenPack, a leading big data analytics provider, has partnered with Cosaic, a leader in the field of interactive visualization tools, to create an entirely new way to visualize unstructured data. The partnership confirms RavenPack’s mission to give meaning to big data and allow users to quickly extract value and insights from large amounts of information. Cosaic’s powerful ChartIQ charts can be found on millions of screens around the world, from online brokerages to leading financial institutions.

“Incorporating ChartIQ’s powerful graphics is a game-changer for how our clients will be able to interpret and interact with our unique content. At RavenPack, we’ve been looking for ways to provide a better UX for our clients. Giving them the power to put visuals to our already robust data sets will give them a tremendous advantage.” — Kevin Crosbie, Chief Product Officer at RavenPack.
The partnership’s first project tackles the 2020 US Presidential Election. By adding interactive charts from ChartIQ to the election monitor, RavenPack enables users to investigate the relationships between the latest projections, sentiment, trending topics, polls and their impact on market prices.

“Our products are designed to bring pieces together to provide a more complete solution,” says Cosaic Chief Product Officer Eugene Sorenson. “With RavenPack, our graphics solutions will be part of a robust workflow which will reveal new insights about the election. The US Election Media Monitor is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential collaborations with RavenPack.”

The partnership with Cosaic also enables RavenPack to deliver its rich data analytics on structured and unstructured content through Cosaic’s best-in-class visualization tools. Clients, including - but not limited to - banks, asset managers, and other corporations will be able to create customizable workflow solutions for their enterprise users.
To explore the power of RavenPack and Cosaic visit our election media monitor now.

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