Your Guide to All of Uniqlo’s HEATTECH Clothing

Years ago, a Uniqlo opened at my local mall and it immediately became a store I frequented. The elevated basic

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Years ago, a Uniqlo opened at my local mall and it immediately became a store I frequented. The elevated basics, with unique silhouettes and interesting collaborations made Uniqlo feel like an affordable oasis for fashionable staples. One of these staples is the brand’s HEATTECH line. The East Coast is unpredictable during the winter months, which means always having different kinds of layering options on hand. Thankfully, Uniqlo has three different levels of HEATTECH that can help with even the most blustery of days.

Made from a blend of polyester, acrylic, rayon, and spandex, HEATTECH is designed to fit seamlessly into your wardrobe (it’s machine-washable!). I invested in a pair of HEATTECH leggings to wear during NYC winters and I'll never look back. Adding these basics to your wardrobe for when the temperatures start to drop will be the best wardrobe-related decision you make this year.


Classic HEATTECH is your perfect, everyday layering option. These basics, like long-sleeve shirts, leggings, tights, and more come in a handful of styles for both men and women. These are the perfect things to put on under a sweater or under jeans if you’re commuting outside or going for a brisk walk.

Women HEATTECH Crew Neck Long-Sleeve T- Shirt

Men HEATTECH Crew Neck Short-sleeve T-shirt


HEATTECH Extra Warm is the level up from the original HEATTECH. It’s a little bulkier if you’re layering, but it’s great to wear on its own. You can tuck the long-sleeves into your pants (or use the body suit) or wear a pair of long johns if you’re planning on spending some time outside in the cold weather. It’s warmer than HEATTECH and it features a thick, absorbent fabric with a brushed finish for better insulation and self-deodorizing threads. The cuts are also designed to stay hidden under whatever outer layer you pair them with.

Women HEATTECH Extra Warm Turtleneck T-shirt

Men HEATTECH Crew Neck Short-sleeve T-shirt


The newest update to the HEATTECH family is HEATTECH Ultra Warm. This innerwear is all you need to say warm and toasty, even if the temperature is making it difficult. It’s 2.25x warmer than the classic HEATTECH and is designed to keep every part of your body warm. It’s bio-warming, heat-retaining, and moisture-wicking. This is the no-holds-barred kind of layer against wintery weather.

Women HEATTECH Ultra Warm Leggings

Men HEATTECH Ultra Warm Long Johns

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