“Living Every Minute,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day
 (until 9/25/2020)

Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Tim Reynolds’ new book, “Living Every Minute: Dr. Tim’s Pillar

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Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Tim Reynolds’ new book, “Living Every Minute: Dr. Tim’s Pillars for Creating a Spectacular Life.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store for one more day on September 25th.  

From Green Beret training, travel adventures to 63 countries, being a highly successful emergency medicine doctor, to raising 5 thriving children, Dr Tim Reynolds has accumulated a lifetime of experiences. Now he wants to share the nuts and bolts of how to get out of the “Zombie life” and create spectacular for you and for your family. 

His desire to help everyone onto the road to financial freedom, great health, spectacular relationships, and how to squeeze the juice out of all areas of life were his motivating factors to write this book. The tools are each laid out in step by step processes, making this book into an easy to use manual for anyone who wants to reach their fullest potential.

“Living Every Minute” by Tim Reynolds will be free and available for download on Amazon for 1 more day (9/25/2020) at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08G3QDFFG.

“Living Every Minute” has a 5.0-star rating on Amazon.com. Here’s what some people are saying:

“I have known Dr. Tim for more than 6 years. I have attended his summits and he has been my mentor. I have learned many lessons from him over the years and this book is a wonderful collection of many of them. I highly recommend that your read, think and then reread to help you make the most of your life.” - Tony Euser 

“A great read and experience. Well-written, with absorbing stories that underscore rock-solid, timeless advice. Each chapter contains exercises and contemplative questions that will embed the Seven Pillars of a Spectacular Life into YOUR life. Learn how to “live every minute” from an impressive life well-lived!” - Phil Biblio 

For More Information:

For more questions or to schedule an interview about this press release please contact us at (626) 765-9750 or email info@bestsellerpublishing.org.

Best Seller Publishing is a Los Angeles Publishing Company dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs become “the hunted” with their best-selling books.

About the Author:

Tim Reynolds, MD, is a physician, entrepreneur, and teacher. His passion is helping other to create a spectacular life and live the best self they can create. He currently owns and operates several businesses. Please visit his website at LivingEveryMinute.com to sign up for his blog. He can also be found on Facebook at Living Every Minute and Instagram.

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