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The rapid spread of COVID-19 has put most parts of the country under considerable duress. As many people are t

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The rapid spread of COVID-19 has put most parts of the country under considerable duress. As many people are trying to stay healthy while also fighting many other issues connected to the pandemic, celebrities are stepping up. Actor Michael Everest DeMarco from New Orleans is thrilled to see that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have led the charge in plasma donation efforts. It is a huge step in the right direction to motivate others to do the same.

As an actor himself, DeMarco knows that people with a high profile can influence many individuals. When someone as high profile as Hanks or Wilson makes a move, it makes headlines. Other celebrities can continue to create positive headlines during the pandemic and spread positive messages as well, which only has a positive impact on fighting COVID-19 in general.

Assisting Others During the Lockdown

When Hanks and Wilson came down with COVID-19, it was the first moment many people felt it was a real problem in the United States. Even though they were overseas at the time, they are two prominent names in the United States from their numerous appearances in film.

A lot of time has passed since they picked up the diagnosis, and it only became more of a problem as time went on. Once they fully recovered, they began looking for solutions on how to help.

Spreading Awareness

The first and easiest way celebrities can help during COVID-19, according to DeMarco, is to follow the lead of Wilson and Hanks. DeMarco believes that merely spreading the word and helping people make smarter decisions can make life a little easier. Many were not taking the virus seriously until they heard two prominent celebrities had it, and that potentially saved many lives. It became a threat to hear that two people with all the opportunity for medical assistance in the world had it.

Other celebrities have spoken out about the importance of staying safe and keeping others safe as well. It does not take actually having the virus as a way to help out, as many are just spreading the word that proper care is necessary to make an impact.

Plasma Donation

Just like the two were some of the first to get the virus, they also lead the charge as far as celebrities are concerned and donating plasma. Hospitals all around the country need plasma from individuals who have recovered from COVID-19. This is an excellent way for people to give back in a fairly simple process. It does not take long to donate, and they are enticing people with different incentives as well.

Hanks and Wilson understand that not everyone is going to feel completely comfortable donating plasma, so that is why they explain their experience to everyone as well. If more celebrities continue to join in and help, this could motivate others to go ahead and assist.

Why Celebrities Capture So Much Attention

Michael Everest DeMarco himself has never reached the star level of a Hanks or Wilson, but he understands that celebrities are heavy influencers. If they are making decisions and changing up the way they live life, regular people should as well. It is a process to get everything back to normal, but one that many people believe is going in the right direction.

Celebrities donating plasma is a welcomed change for hospitals struggling to get the proper inventory. There is no telling how the next few months will play out, so it is better to have a supply ready to go instead of worrying potentially terrible breakouts once again in the fall and winter.

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